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Mobile Software Development

Mobile technologies are being used increasingly more in the modern world which provides higher work productivity, automation of user data or finance management, assistance in communication and entertainment.
USS Company develops mobile applications for a variety of purposes and areas which run on different platforms such as Android, iOS, Windows Phone 7, BlackBerry.
In addition to creating mobile applications, our company offers another popular service of optimizing websites for mobile devices. Our approach will allow you to get a mobile version of your web resource with maintaining the current design and functionality, as well as to create an original look and functionality for your mobile website.
In addition to developing an integrated approach, we provide:

  • Introduction of an ideological component of product concepts
  • Detailed study of the specification
  • Multi-level testing of mobile applications
  • Placing the finished mobile software for distribution via the Android Market, App Store, Windows Marketplace
  • Necessary upgrades and improvements as new versions of operating systems are released
  • Full implementation of advertising campaigns and promotion of mobile applications including the use of appropriate mobile technology.


Development of mobile applications for iPhone, iPad

iPhone, iPad, and, accordingly, iOS – the most popular products in the market of mobile devices. User interest in the platform has only increased in the recent years. The AppStore provides a range of more than a million applications for iPhone and iPad and has more than half a billion users, which means that the market is very attractive for mobile application development.
Of the many factors influencing such popularity of AppStore, the following should be noted:

  • Fairly low cost of many mobile applications ranging from 0.99 to 9.99 dollars
  • Intuitive algorithm of purchase and download
  • Continuous quality testing of all mobile applications for compliance with all AppStore standards
  • Effectively implemented system against “pirates” and illegal applications.

Particulars of creating a mobile app for Apple iOS:

  1. Design of future mobile applications can be either standard (from Apple iOS) or unique, requiring development “from scratch”.
  2. Placement moderation for applications in the AppStore. This process takes about 2-3 weeks.
  3. If the application is to be published under the name of your company, then a annual subscription fee is required by Apple. Payment is made by credit cards.
  4. In the presence of a basic iPhone application, the iPad version of it can be released as an upgrade, which is more attractive for end-users since they pay for a single mobile application.
  5. The availability of geolocation in the 3G-versions of iPad affects the creation of technical specifications.
  6. For iPad 2 users, there is an ability to develop mobile applications with fundamentally new level of engagement, due to the higher speed of the graphics system and two cameras, one of which is facing the user.


Development of mobile applications for Android

Another popular operating system of mobile devices in our time is Android. OpenSource principles underlying the system OpenSource allow us create mobile applications that have the following advantages:

  • There is virtually no restrictions for the development and promotion of a product
  • The use of Google library allows developing of original Java-based applications
  • The cost of development is relatively low
  • The widespread use of Android on a large range of mobile devices and, consequently, a huge market of mobile applications
  • The examination of the quality of your mobile application and its reliability involving Google employees is an essential step in the process of getting the right to use the Google Android trademark

The optimum ratio of control and freedom levels of Android development competes with those for iOS mobile applications. Therefore, we recommend our clients to order the development of mobile application for both systems for the most complete entry of the company into the market of mobile applications.


Development of mobile applications for Windows Phone

The Windows Phone 7/8 mobile operating system from Microsoft uses innovative technologies in all of its main modules. The peculiarity of the system is the Metro user interface, wherein there is no static elements and Live Tiles (“living icons”) are used everywhere and reflect real-time information.
USS Company is developing mobile applications for Windows Phone 7/8 , providing its customers with products that are built using the latest technology and able to attract new customers to their services and partners.