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vpnWe will help you improve interactions between remote offices of your company, automate and manage your data flows, increase security of your business operations and accelerate deployment of on-demand workstations.

We offer configuration and maintenance services of computers and peripherals for small and medium-sized businesses, which include:

  • Scheduled visits to the customer’s office
  • Free fulfillment of an unlimited number of requests
  • Remote administration of computers

For personal computers, we offer:

  • Configuration and maintenance of various software
  • Connecting and configuring the local network
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Configuring operating system (Microsoft Windows, Linux)
  • Diagnostics and repair of PC
  • Support for anti-virus protection
  • Recommendations for hardware updates
  • Advice on acquisition and installation of new software or new versions of software

For servers, we offer:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Configuration of access rights and user access to shared network resources
  • Support for internal security system, implementation of security policies within a customer’s corporate network
  • Support and control of public access to the Internet
  • Support system for protection against unauthorized access to the local network
  • Configuration of corporate mail server
  • Support for the domain system in the customer’s local network
  • Support for system backup of critical data
  • Support for network anti-virus protection and automatic updates
  • Support for updates of standard software

For such peripherals as scanners, faxes, printers, we offer:

  • Connection of peripherals to workstations or network
  • Software configuration
  • Recommendations for hardware updates
  • Malfunction diagnosis
  • Repair