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Application Development

USS Company offers to develop on-demand software and WEB-BASED APPLICATIONS, as well as to provide support for the completed software. Our professionals have extensive experience with various platforms and programming languages such as C/C + +, Microsoft.NET, Java/J2EE, Silverlight, Python, Ruby, Microsoft SQL Server, Flash and many others as well as in the field of developing applications for different operating systems including the Windows, UNIX / Linux, MacOS families. We are not limited in the choice of technologies for the development of commissioned software and we implement projects of any complexity while focusing exclusively on the solution to your problems, whether it is a business management or automatic control system.
USS Company provides the full cycle of application development process:

  • Detailed technical specifications stage helps analyze customer requirements, project objectives and business processes
  • Software architecture and design stage includes detailed study of the functional algorithms and applications or services, determination of the best suited technology such as platforms, environments and programming languages, plug-ins and components, which will be optimal for the tasks and requirements
  • Application development. Software implementation of the agreed project scope, development of user interfaces, database development using approved technologies
  • Software testing. On this stage we use all necessary quality assurance technologies to test stability of the product in different environments, its security, reliability, user-friendly interface, and other properties
  • Deployment of the software and necessary certification of future users of the developed software
  • Technical support. We provide online help for users to solve their problems or unforeseen situations and carry out further updates to the software in order to meet new challenges

Acceleration of information technology development creates such problems as the software’s obsolescence. Any information system which has been effective once becomes a ballast sooner or later while its support becomes time-consuming. Our experts will help you to re-engineer your software products, modernize existing code with introduction of new technologies, restructure application components to meet your current business needs and process requirements.