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Information systems development

For effective management of any organization in our world of information technology, a working and reliable information system is the necessity that will automate activities of employees, branch offices and the organization as a whole.
USS Company performs design, development, modernization, and testing of the following types of information systems:

  • Distributed enterprise management systems
  • Electronic document management systems
  • Systems Business Process Management (BPM) systems
  • Enterprise content management system (ECM), including enterprise applications integration (SOA)
  • Electronic archives and data storages
  • Security solutions providing information security and data protection
  • Expansion and modernization of existing solutions

We offer a full range of services related to the development and maintenance of information systems:

  1. Study of business process automation and formalization of its object. At this stage, there is a close cooperation of our experts with the users of future information systems. We determine the range of tasks and requirements and negotiate object structure and function of its components, investigate the possibility of integration with existing information systems of our client. The result is a behavior model of the object, which includes its informational, structural and functional units.
  2. Development of the requirements specification. The specification is an essential document for the design and development of an information system. Our specialists identify all of the technical requirements for the system based on the previous analysis of your business processes.
  3. Designing the information system. The information system architecture is determined including its full functionality, user interfaces, services, and requirements for all system components and databases. Determined also is the timing of the individual iterations of information systems development process, list of roles and permissions of the users of the system, as well as all the necessary procedures to ensure the protection of information in the system.
  4. Implementation of the information system. This step results in the software implementation of the system. The prototype of the system will be created for testing purposes. That prototype will be available to end-users.
  5. Testing of the information system. At this stage, a multi-level testing takes place both on our side (early testing) and on the client side (the final test) involving end-users. The real client data may be used as the test data.
  6. Documentation development and bug fixes. Once testing is finished, all deficiencies and errors detected during the testing phase are eliminating. The complete documentation package for the information system is then prepared to be transferred to the client, which includes user and administration manuals complete with a list of technical requirements for successful installation and operation of the system.
  7. Deployment of the information system. When everything is ready, we install and configure all required modules of the system, including its hardware components. The entire system then goes live, client modules are installed for jobs (if provided for in the developed information system) and user training is provided.
  8. Maintenance and technical support. We provide troubleshooting for the system, the development and installation of optional add-ons and updates that meet client needs as well the required updates for security measures.

If you order information system development from us, you can be sure that all the specific needs and requirements of your automation object will be met in the final product. We take into account all the peculiarities and specifics of your organization where the information system will be used.


IT Consulting and Support

USS Company provides services of IT consulting and audit as part of the establishment and maintenance of information systems. These include enhancements to functionality of the software components of the system, updates to the system in accordance with the new requirements, server administration, and integration with ready-made solutions.

Our experts will conduct the IT audit of your system or product, offer the best solution to meet your objectives, determine the timing and implementation of the necessary changes. All proposed amendments are designed to meet the requirements and characteristics of your system and passed the required tests before being introduced into the working information system.