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Software development pricing

The final cost is calculated individually for each project once we prepare the requirements specification. The price of preparing this specification is negotiated separately.


Service Keynotes Pricing
Simple application
  • Target platform (either single such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, or multiplatformity)
  • Number of users and type of access control
  • Integration with other software and Internet resources
  • Software reliability
  • On demand: development of a mobile version of the application
From $1300
Web service
  • Client type such as desktop, browser, mobile device
  • Access control
  • Integration with other resources and databases
  • Data storage and transmission security
From $1300
Mobile applications
  • Platform type: iOS, Android, Windows Phone, support for versions of operating systems
  • Control elements of the target device that are used for management and monitoring
  • Number of users and type of access control
  • Integration with other Internet resources, payment systems and mobile applications
  • Data storage and transmission security
  • On demand: adjustment of your website for viewing on mobile devices
From $2300
Information and control systems
  • Document management
  • Support for creation and management of business processes
  • Access control
  • Average size of the transmitted data impacts decisions on an appropriate server network
  • Data storage and transmission security
From $8500
  • Size of stored data
  • Access control
  • On demand: data entry
From $2800


All provided prices are approximate and should be used for estimation purposes only. For all questions, please contact us at +7 (921) 564-5144. You can also request a callback from our specialist using the form on the right side.